In art psychotherapy, words are not always necessary. A simple lump of clay or a blank canvas can be far less threatening than giving voice to painful feelings, words, or memories.


If you are depressed, you may feel numb or distant. Creating art is at the heart of expression and emotion and can support your capacity to feel again. Once you have created and externalised your inner thoughts and feelings as something concrete and tangible, it is easier to acknowledge the presence of a range of emotions.


By creating, you give a voice to that which is difficult to speak. You might feel a sense of relief or an easing of your depression once you have transferred it into art-making within a safe and therapeutic relationship.

I offer one-to-one sessions as well as group workshops to help you to explore your feelings through talking and art-making. I am a fully trained and registered art psychotherapist who can work with you to start to make a change.


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