Anxiety can pervade every aspect of your life and prevent you from living life to the full. It can manifest as short term problems in sleeping and excessive worrying about a particular event (an exam, for example), but also underpins more life altering conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias, panic disorder and social anxiety disorder.


Art therapy offers a safe place to explore your anxiety and, with the help of the therapist, to start to manage it more effectively and move on.


I offer one-to-one or group sessions during which you will have the opportunity to take part in art-making and reflect on the process and the work with someone who is trained in the psychotherapeutic process.


Many of my clients find the art-making itself very calming and much easier than trying to expain their anxiety - and the root of that anxiety - in words.



I understand that anxiety may be preventing you from making the most of every day and urge you, if this is the case, to get in touch.


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