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artplus uses art-making and psychotherapy and combines them to effect change and growth, self awareness and healing.

You do not need to have any previous arts skills or experience to be able to make use of the therapy at a personal level.



Art Therapy can help a wide range of people experiencing a wide range of difficulties such as self-esteem, bereavement, depression, anxiety and general life struggles.



By expressing yourself through creativity, an art therapist can help you see things in your artwork and in the artmaking process that  facilitates an understanding of certain aspects of yourself.



Qualified art therapists have an understanding of art, are proficient in verbal communication and provide a trusting and facilitating environment in which patients or clients are able to safely express themselves.


It is a legal requirement to be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) in order to practice in the UK as an Art Therapist or Art Psychotherapist.


Artplus works closely with school staff and family members to effectively support the needs of children who are finding it difficult at school.

The focus is on enabling the child to make the most of the learning opportunities that are being offered. Art psychotherapy can help with emotional difficulties, coping with bereavement, problems with peer relationships or changes in family structure that are affecting a child's sense of well-being.

Art therapy currently offered across Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Milton Keynes.

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Welcome to +artplus

+artplus brings together art and psychotherapy, encouraging creativity and addressing a range of mental health issues, as well as helping people generally with a sense of wellbeing.

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